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High School Registration: Text


AUGUST 25th, 2022 at 8pm MST



MUST COME AS A TEAM, must have a partner, and a Boat Captain. You must fish with your Team member all season long. In the event you need to change your Boat Captain you will need to notify the Tournament Director.

Any questions please reach out!!

2022-2023 High School Angler Membership Instructions: 

  • Each Angler must purchase a Wild West Bass Youth Series (WWBYS) membership for $50 prior to filling out the membership forms ($25 for returning members). CLICK WWBYS MEMBERSHIP to sign up!

  • Each Angler will fill out a TEAM membership form. You will put your teammate's and Boat Captain's information in the form.

  • The High School Membership is $100.00 to $200 per Angler plus TBF/WWBYS Memberships for the 2022-2023 season. SEE ENTRY FEE STRUCTURE

  • ALL Membership forms and Payment is due by September 16th, 2022 to make it into the 1st tournament. SEE SCHEDULE

  • You will need an AZHSB Membership, and WWBYS Membership in order to fish any of the club tournaments. You DO NOT NEED TO RSVP on the Tournament Information page for each tournament, ONLY let us know if you can't make it, that is the only time you will fill out the RSVP Form.

  • There is no cap, we will accept membership applications all season long. The Club fee and WWBYS membership requirements remain the same. 

  • Interested in TBF Triple Threat Tournaments? This circuit is for TEAMS only, must come with a partner and a Boat Captain. CLICK HERE for more information. 


ALL BOAT CAPTAINS: Please click on the Boat Captain Registration form below. 


TEAM APP: Download Team App and join Phoenix Junior Bassmasters, this is one of the fastest ways we can contact all our members! Click TEAM APP button below!  

1. Download the App
2. Sign Up/ Create an Account
3. Find Phoenix Junior Bassmasters
4. Request to Join Players &  Officials group
*Type in Angler First and Last Name in the Message area of Request​


JERSEY: To order a club jersey and/or hoody click on the "JERSEY STORE" button below! The BLUE jersey and hoody are for the High School club, the red jersey is for your junior anglers with Phoenix Junior Bassmasters. COMING SOON!

CLUB STORE: Represent Arizona High School Bassmasters as well as help with club funding! To order club fundraising merchandise click on the "CLUB STORE" button below! The store link is only available for 30 days, place your order right away! **High School Merchandise features a white logo on Navy Blue, Charcoal, and white merchandise. You can even customize your items under the "Angler's Name" feature, you can add your last name or other creative ideas! 

Please Note the Wild West Bass Youth Series Membership Fees (WWBYS Membership):
$50 New Members
$25 Returning Members

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Season Kickoff Night Information

Fee Structure
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