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You must be a member of our club and have a TBF membership in order to fish our tournaments.

Roosevelt Lake 4.7.24 TBF State Championship Tournament Information

You must register with the National Office for the TBF High School State Championship: HERE

If you are a member of TBF you don't have to pay a fee to fish the tournament. Questions? Email us or give us a call.

Quick Links:

Roosevelt Lake Camping: HERE

Junior RULES

High School RULES


Tournament Information:

  • Official Practice Days: April 5th-6th No teams are allowed to be on the water after 5:00 pm on Saturday; teams must stay off until the tournament begins Sunday morning at launch time. Optional Meeting at 6 pm at Cholla ramp. 

  • CHECK-IN at Cholla Ramp

  • Be at CHECK-IN by 5:30 a.m. 

    • Check-in will be at Cholla Ramp

    • ​Boat Captains will receive TBF Boat Captain Cards with rule reminders at the launch ramp. 

  • Launch Tips:

    • Check BOAT PLUG and STRAPS before you launch your boat into the water.

    • When on the ramp, please turn off your headlights...that way the people coming up the ramp are not blinded by the lights of the vehicles trying to come down the ramp.

  • Launch Process: Launch by Safelight​​ 

    • Music will play, National Anthem, Morning Sendoff Prayer

    • Boats Line up in Boat Number order:

      • Ask a neighbor boat what their number is.

      • Organize yourselves on the water

      • Junior anglers will launch first, followed by the High School anglers.

    • Drive-by Tournament Director

      • When your boat number is called

      • With Life Vest on & secured (zipped/snapped)

      • Live Wells Open

      • Kill Switch Attached

  • RULE Reminders:

    • No min for Phoenix Junior Bassmasters, 12” min for Arizona High School Bassmasters, 5 fish team weight.

    • NO JUNIOR or HIGH SCHOOL angler may run the big motor. 

    • NO encroachment or impeding (talk to the other boats)

    • Boat Captains will NOT fish during the tournament, which includes casting lines or lures, setting the hook, Reel, or play fish to the boat.

    • OFF LIMITS: Any NO FISHING/NO ENTRY buoys as placed by AZ Game & Fish​

      • You are responsible for verifying your compliance with all local boating and fishing requirements. 

  • Weigh-in: Juniors check in at the dock by 1:30 pm, High School by 2 pm. ALL TEAMS MUST CHECK IN WITH TIMEKEEPER AT DOCK! (VOLUNTEER NEEDED)


    • You will need to bring your own weigh bag to bring fish to scales and take them back to the boat.

    • BAG fish​

      • You will need 1 weigh bag per team

    • TAG big fish

    • Once your angler weighs in, you are responsible for healthy fish release.

  • Other Reminders:

    • Bring a chair to watch the weigh-in

    • Bring breakfast, lunch, sunscreen, hat, drinks, fishing gear, and boat gas money.

    • Bring a positive attitude, have patience with one another, and HAVE FUN! SPORTSMANSHIP above all!!

VOLUNTEERS ARE ALWAYS NEEDED: Please help! Volunteer to direct traffic, do dock check-in, set up and break down canopies, and clean up at the end of the tournament.

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